It was Rhonda's observation over many years of working with skin that most sensitive skins are reacting to inferior products, or products that contain dyes, preservatives, and perfumes. All treatments, whether facials or peels, must use clean and intelligent ingredients to truly change the skin. Begin with a soothing facial or 2 so that you can see the skin’s response and then choose the appropriate treatment course.

It is also important to understand too that a series of Vitamin A Peels may be one of the best supports for what is termed as a "sensitive" skin. As new, healthy cells surface, the skin becomes less irritated and reactive and is strengthened over time. These peels works in conjunction with healing post care to provide the ultimate rosacea peel experience.

Rhonda Allison offers many excellent soothing and strengthening treatments for skins prone to rosacea. Blending intelligent ingredients that harness the power of stem cell technology with calming, anti-inflammatory botanicals such as sea buckthorn oil, white willow, red clover and rhodiola rosea root, Rhonda Allison is a natural selection to support and enhance the health and appearance of your skin for a lifetime.

  • Reduce Redness and Cellular Build Up
  • Eliminate Negative Pathogens
  • Replenish Barrier Function
  • Revive Cellular Energy