Moisturizers & Hydrators

Mandelic Au Lait

Lightweight cream offering a special blend of milk protein, mandelic acid, vitamin E, and aloe vera. This soothing moisturizer is best suited for reactive and rosacea-prone skins that tend to be more combination/oily.

Growth Factor Gel

A light weight, soothing, and cooling gel. This is the ideal daily moisturizer for oily, impure skin. Epidermal Growth Factors offer rebuilding and continued healing support.

Regenerating Cream

Epidermal growth factors in a rich and nourishing cream base to provide hydration, expedite the healing of skin, and provide strengthening support. Appropriate for dry, aging skins.

Exotica Rhodiola

Blend of exotic plant extracts, antioxidants, skin strengtheners, and humectants to reduce-wrinkles, support the skin, and reduce inflammation and skin stressors. Appropriate for aging skins prone to inflammation and hormonal fluctuations.

Drop of Essence

A beautiful hydrating serum, this blend of Omega EFA, vitamin E, lavender oil, and geranium oil aids in healing of barrier concerns while strengthening the skin. It also provides potent anti-inflammatory support.